Your Energy Storage Investment Reduced by 20%
Your Energy Storage Ageing Reduced up to 45%
Prediction of Best Moments for Charging and Discharging
Computation of Battery Lifetime

It is time to make profitable your battery energy storage


Sizing a Battery Energy Storage (BES) for a smart building application is a trade-off between cost of the BES itself and available stored energy. Our software is able to compute, for each targeted building, the size of BES minimizing the investment cost and maximizing revenues.

Increasing Energy

Unfortunately, for the majority of building (residential or industrial) there is a time mismatch between PV production and Load consumption. Our software is able to predict and manage the time window for which it is possible to charge the BES (PV higher than load) and discharge the battery (PV lower than load).


The management is done for reducing the ageing of the BES and increasing the revenues. Based on our validation, in real buildings located in Lausanne, the ageing is reduced up to 45% compared to a not ageing aware strategy.

Ancillary Services

Deploying your battery for frequency and/or voltage control? How much will it cost from the utility point of view? And from an end-client? We are able to compute this cost and the associated benefit.


Wondering about the lifetime of the battery pack of your medical device? We can evaluate it and give you some tips for extending its lifetime as longer as possible.

Is ageing of batteries really important ?

All these wrong behaviours have to be avoided with residential and industrial battery storage systems.

Letting your smartphone turning off because of a complete discharged battery is reducing its useful lifetime up to 1%.

Keeping your smartphone connected with the charger all night long is reducing the lifetime of the battery up to 40%. It is better to charge it in the morning for one hour.

Charging your smartphone if its temperature is high (35 degres) reduces the useful lifetime of the battery up to 40%. It is better to wait that the smartphone cools down and charge it later on.

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