Your Energy Storage Investment Reduced by 20%
Your Energy Storage Ageing Reduced up to 40%
Prediction of Best Moments for Charging and Discharging
Computation of Battery Lifetime

It is time to make profitable your battery energy storage


Sizing a Battery Energy Storage (BES) for a smart building application is a trade-off between cost of the BES itself and available stored energy. Our software is able to compute, for each targeted building, the size of BES minimizing the investment cost and maximizing revenues.

Increasing Energy

Unfortunately, for the majority of building (residential or industrial) there is a time mismatch between PV production and Load consumption. Our software is able to predict and manage the time window for which it is possible to charge the BES (PV higher than load) and discharge the battery (PV lower than load).


The management is done for reducing the ageing of the BES and increasing the revenues. Based on our validation, in real buildings located in Lausanne, the ageing is reduced up to 45% compared to a not ageing aware strategy.

Ancillary Services

Deploying your battery for frequency and/or voltage control? How much will it cost from the utility point of view? And from an end-client? We are able to compute this cost and the associated benefit.


Wondering about the lifetime of the battery pack of your medical device? We can evaluate it and give you some tips for extending its lifetime as longer as possible.

Electric Vehicles
(V2G & 2nd Life)

Aurora'Grid is working on the integration of EVs batteries providing ancillary services to the grid (V2G) or to building (V2B). Moreovoer, we started to focus on the development of an EMS for Second-life batteries applications.

Is ageing of batteries really important ?

All these wrong behaviours have to be avoided with residential and industrial battery storage systems.

Letting your smartphone turning off because of a complete discharged battery is reducing its useful lifetime up to 1%.

Keeping your smartphone connected with the charger all night long is reducing the lifetime of the battery up to 40%. It is better to charge it in the morning for one hour.

Charging your smartphone if its temperature is high (35 degres) reduces the useful lifetime of the battery up to 40%. It is better to wait that the smartphone cools down and charge it later on.

Latest news

Realease of Aurora’s Grid 3.0 - Sizing-Diagnostic Battery Emulating Platform

We are proud to annoucne the release of the latest version of Aurora’s Grid 3.0.

Aurora’s Grid 3.0 is a battery emulating platform with two main purposes:

  • Computation of optimal size of the battery
  • Ageing diagnostic of a given battery for multiple applications.
Aurora’s Grid 3.0 integrates multi-chemistries electrochemical ageing models as well multiple revenue streams associated with renewable self-consumption and ancillary services.

October 16th 2019

New Business Developer - Egor Mazourenko

September 1st 2019

EMMA 1.0 is now a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

We are proud to annoucne that our Energy Management Software for Multiple Application EMMA 1.0 recieved the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. You can now also find details about our solution here.

July 29th 2019

Startupticker - Aurora’s Grid gains market traction

As energy storage is booming around the world, the Vaud-based startup born in 2016 with the goal of extending battery lifetime as a way to make energy transition sustainable is growing fast. Continue reading about us.

July 12th 2019

PERL 2019 - Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury

Aurora’s Grid recieved the "Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury" during the the PERL (Prix Entreprendre Lausanne Region) 2019 ceremony at the Théatre de Beaulieu Lausanne.

We are so proud of having been selected as one of the 5 laureates for the PERL 2019 (to see the laureates). The PERL rewards and brings to light innovatives companies from the region of Lausanne.

Avril 30th 2019

Forbes France is talking about us !

Aurora’s Grid, the start-up that increases the batterie lifetime.

Click here to read about Aurora’s Grid.

Avril 3rd 2019

The Energy Storage Europe Fair 2019

The whole Aurora’s grid team was at Düsseldorf to present the main products of the company.

A lot of interest shown in both the sizing and the energy management software from visitors. We’ll keep the hard work to help with the essential energetic transition.

March 12-14th 2019

New IT Engineering Manager - Abbass Hammoud

February 1st 2019

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