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Aurora's Grid 3.0 Sizing-Diagnostic Battery Emulating Platform

The sizing software developed by Aurora’s Grid has the purpose of improving the quality of the sizing by implementing electrochemical ageing models of the battery.

The software is able handle:

  • Various revenue streams such as self-consumption, primary frequency control (PCR), secondary frequency control (SCR) or peak-shaving
  • Various battery energy storage (BES) chemistries
  • Various BES sizes from households scale to utility scale
  • Various sources of renewable energy
  • Various economic parameters such as BES prices, retail or feed-in tarriffs.
The user can choose which revenue stream he's willing to prioritize. The benefits and the ageing associated with the installation and the use of the BES are then computed for multiple BES sizes.

Energy Management Software for Multiple Application 1.0 (EMMA 1.0)

Aurora’s Grid has developed an ageing-aware energy management software for Li-ion batteries to be deployed in installation going from households to utility-scale coupled with a renewable source of energy such as photovoltaic (PV) plants or wind turbines.

The software is able to:

  • Increase the renewable energy self-consumption up to 35%;
  • Reduce the ageing of the battery up to 40% and extend its lifetime (years) up to 30%;
  • Reduce the C02 foot-print of the battery up to 20%.
The software couples deep electrochemical knowledge of Li-ion batteries, power grid constraints and machine learning forecast techniques.

Aurora’s Grid started experimental validation along with industrialization phase in three different locations in Switzerland: a microgrid, a household and a district.

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