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Energy Management Software for Multiple Applications EMMA

Our main product EMMA is an ageing-aware energy management software for Li-ion batteries, which can be deployed on installations ranging from utility-scale, down to households. EMMA management software couples deep electrochemical knowledge of Li-ion batteries, power grid constraints, machine learning and forecast algorithms, to make the most out of your battery system.

EMMA allows you to use your battery system for any of these applications, or even a combination of them:
  • Renewable self-consumption
    EMMA couples your battery system with renewable energy sources (PV plants, wind turbines, hydro power plants) to maximize self-consumption, while reducing battery ageing. Although the performance of the system may vary with the specific site conditions, in a typical scenario (well sized power plant / battery combination), EMMA is capable of:
    • Increasing the renewable energy self-consumption up to 35%
    • Reducing the battery ageing by more than 40%, and extending its lifetime (in years) up to 30%
    • Reducing the CO2 foot-print of the battery by more than 20%
  • Load peak shaving
    Reduce your peak consumption to save on your electricity bills. EMMA combines multiple techniques to learn and predict the peaks in load consumption, and cut them where applicable.
  • Feed-in peak shaving
    Protect your transfromers from overloading, in the case where the renewable energy injections are exceeding the limits of the grid. Moreover, local renewable production is kept local.
  • PCR (primary control reserve)
    Use your battery to participate in the market of frequency regulation, and generate revenues.
  • SCR (secondary control reserve)
    Similar to PCR, in addition to the flexibililty of participation in positive and/or negative secondary frequency control. You can also participate as a member in a pool of providers.
Here is one day of operation of EMMA extracted from one of our sites (PV feed-in peak shaving in Chapelle-sur-Moudon, Switzerland).

Take a look on how we optimize renewable self-consumption, while reducing battery ageing.

Aurora's Grid Fleet Management

With our Fleet Management platform, you can conveniently monitor and control all of your EMS deployments.
It completes Aurora's Grid EMS, offering secure remote access, and allowing you to:

  • Check the status overview of all systems, along with real time energy flows and history
  • Turn your system On/Off remotely, or change its operation mode
  • Receive email/SMS notifications for warnings and faults
  • Share a secure read-only access with end-users
  • Check your financial benefits from EMS operation

Aurora's Grid 4.0 Battery-Sizing Emulating Platform

Our battery-sizing emulating platform, is a powerful tool that allows you to emulate the performance of your prosptective battery system.
It offers you the possibility to:

  • Emulate the performance of the EMS over the course of the battery lifetime, choose your battery chemistry (NMC, LFP, LTO)
  • Determine the profitability of the battery and estimate the revenue streams of each service (self-consumption, peak shaving, PCR, SCR)
  • Choose the optimal battery size and inverter for your application, avoid unnecessary battery costs
  • Calculate the SoH and ageing related parameters over the period of use
The next video shows you the tool's capabilities in emulating the operation of your battery. Do not hesitate to request your demo version today by contacting us, or if you like to have a customized version of the tool, and implement additional features.

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